Pride in our heritage

Welsh Historic Thatching Consultant

Listed buildings to new work, using sustainable materials with ethical practice throughout the uk since 1982.

Specialists in thatching with older traditional vernacular styles and materials, historical reconstruction, experimental archaeology, museum and educational/training work.

Ancient to contemporary technology timber work.

  • Bonvilstone, South Wales - Thatch coat work and ornate ridging.
  • Heather thatching with turf ridge at Weststow Anglo Saxon Village.
  • Thatched Crannog roundhouse at Llangorse Lake Brecon, Wales.
  • Grinding Wheat from straw used in our displays.
  • Vernacular thatching methods restoring a Welsh longhouse to its former glory.
  • Finishing of a crown on an ironage roundhouse
  • Thatched Coatwork and traditional wrap over ridge.
  • Wheat Harvest during 2012 in Wales
  • Traditional fixing methods used to hold thatch in place.
  • Thatched Bird hide in Brecon, Mid Wales.
  • Vertical thatching on to straw bales made from threshing waste on a training structure at Ty Mawr Lime near Brecon
  • Traditional thatching techniques applied to Welsh Cottage at Brynberian
  • Involved with the original construction and ongoing repairs to Castell Henllys Iron Age Village
Welsh Thatched Cob House in Carmarthenshire, WalesInterpretational thatching work at WeststowThatchers Harvest, flour produced from the grain produced from our wheat fieldsHistorical Straw Varieties grwon in WalesInterpretational thatching work at West Stow by Welsh Thatcher Alan Jones
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