Historical Thatching and Carpentry Projects.

This section contains Historical Thatching and Carpentry Projects that we have been involved with over the years. More recently this is the area that we spend most of out time involved with.

Restoration of a south Pembrokeshire thatched cottage Restoration of a traditional Pembrokeshire cottage.

From a tree ridden derelict to a beauty.

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Combed wheat straw roof in Merthyr Mawr Combed wheat straw roof in Merthyr Mawr, Wales.

Here we used a three hundred year old thatching technique.

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Thatched Cottage in Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire Thatched Cottage at Brynberian, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Over slate thatching project using combed wheat and drum thrashed landrace straw.

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Thatched long house, Wales Thatched Cottage, Wales.

Tyn Cum had to be restored from the wall tops up after a dreadful fire, caused when a bonfire was lit to close to the cottage and got out of control.

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Thatched long house, Carmarthenshire Wales Side Entrance Cottage, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Not much of the original thatched roof had survived under the tin on this Welsh Cottage, we restored any failed rafters copying the surviving timbers and thatched the property with straw to emulate a style contemporary to the area.

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