Thatching work to Castell Henllys Iron Age Village.

Rick thatching at Castell Henllys

2013 - rick thatch with local straw which is a left over by-product from our grain harvest. A simple but effective form of traditional thatching 'the first straw on a roof at castell henllys for two thousand years. Quite a milestone.

The Earth Watch Roundhouse

2012 photograph of smoke blackened thatch on the Earth Watch Roundhouse clearly visible with the Prince William Roundhouse in the background.

Prince William Roundhouse

2012 after repairs the Prince William Roundhouse at thirty years old - happy birthday.

The Smithy/Workshop

1992 a view of the smithy/workshop and goat house with the Cnapan House just visible on the right - photo taken from the granary doorway.

The Prince William Roundhouse under construction

1982 and building the first reconstruction, the Prince William Roundhouse with reed cut from Newport estuary. I still cut reed from the estuary thirty years on for new build or eco homes, but now use straw on historical roofs as this is what would have been used. Water reed at this period is extremely unlikely! My involvement in experimental archaeology over the years, meeting knowledgeable practical people also teaching has in turn focused attention and taught me a tremendous amount about appropriate building technology from early periods. There is a book on the way and if anyone wishes to share information or photographs and early stories of Castell Henlys - please get in touch, your photos or anecdotes could be put in print!