Welsh Cottage at Brynberian, Pembrokeshire.

Ruined Cottage Adding Clom First Course of Thatch Being Added More Courses being Added Straw Rope Fixings Finished Roof and Cottage

The cottage here was nearly not allowed to be rescued from ruin as the local community said thatching had no place in the locality 'despite it having thatch under tin that had been there a very long time' also the national parks wher against it being restored I am unsure why the only answer I've herd to date is because its not on a bus route!!

Now its re-thatched the locals love it and the national parks will no doubt say they had a hand in it but what a close thing. Drip feeding heritage back in to the community who are oblivious to the simple hand made homes that 150 years ago accounted for the majority of dwellings in wales.
Anyway it so very nearly didn't happen but I am chuffed about this small victory.

Random slates a base coat tied on with hand made straw rope with a spared on combed wheat weathering coat 'N59 with drum thrashed landrace long straw wrap on the ridge'.

We spared over the walls into clom or cob which worked well, stuff thatching would have been fixed straight in to the face of the basecoat but as I wanted to use combed wheat I put the eaves on first and the basecoat on top which helped with keeping the thatch face closed.