Residential dwelling - Bonvilstone, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

General view of Bonvilstone Thatched house.

Originally thatched with combed wheat reed, at some point in its life this roof had been re-thatched using water reed. The original wheat thatch had nearly all been stripped off at this stage.

We removed all of the water reed to reveal what was left of the wheat reed and re-thatched the roof with combed wheat straw, returning it to its original splendour.

Modern fixings were used to fix the thatch in place as there was insufficient base coat material left to use a traditional sparing method.

Thatching around window detail 1.

We replaced the window and frame in the vernacular style and added fixing points to the new window sides using oak boards to kick the straw up.

In the left of the picture, you can see the original wheat reed which we left in place, preserving the history of the roof for generations to come and adding additional thermal value to boost up the insulation. The new thatch was then added over the top.

We put in a new window sill and also repaired and slated the lean-to roof.

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Thatching around a window.Thatched window detailSlate and Thatch Detail.