300 year old dwelling in Suffolk.

Dwelling in Suffold Detail of old twine Stripping off the thatchDafydd hard at workBegining to ridge the roof Finished roofDetail of ridge

This small section of roof on a 300 year old row of cottages originally built as poor houses for the hengrave estate in Suffolk has had a new lease of life.

Hazel was cut from a nearby hedge, split and used for batten repairs the old twine fixings clearly visible from the previous time it was thatched 50 years ago.

A little attention on the back of the roof to the lead work around the window and a precautionary spray with insect repellent and work can progress.

A local Thatcher when asked was unable to provide any Suffolk reed , as the owner wasn’t convinced Chinese reed was the only option we were brought in from Wales and asked to carry out the work as we had no problem in sourcing locally cut reed which came from Orford Ness on the Suffolk coast.

We brought organic welsh landrace wheat that was used for the ornate ridge which we reproduced in a style now used in the village, a light dressing of the old coat work on the end section and the job was done.

The owners are delighted with the repairs and are really happy to know that they have put income in to the pockets of UK producers of fine quality straw and reed.

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