Welsh longhouse, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

Thatched long house, Wales Reed delivery Applying the coursesThatched long house detailView of thatched long house

This roof has been changed dramatically over the years with no original welsh thatch or timber work surviving.

The owners requested that it be thatched in water reed. The reed was supplied by a colleague in Orford Ness near Ipswich in Suffolk. The reed is vary similar to Norfolk reed having a high wax/silica content.

It was trickier to arrange the transport from east Anglia than it would have been transporting imported reed from mainstream suppliers, however I believe this home grown reed to be of a very high standard and well worth the effort.

Having been in the reed beds and seen how well it is managed I can say that there is a longer conservation view in encouraging the supply of home produce as this helps secure the tradition is kept alive and more importantly the knowledge.

The owners wanted a block ridge to cap the roof, however now that they have thought about it they tell me they will go for a traditional flush ridge next time round.

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